Step One -
First: your purpose?
Second: what to include?
Third: decide on the structure.

So You Want to Build a Business Website?

Here are some questions to consider
#1. What is your purpose?

  • So people can find you
  • To announce the services you offer
  • To sell your products
  • To increase your profits
#2. What do you want on your webpage?
  • Contact info: email, phone number, address
  • Services and plans
  • Products and costs
  • Highlights of your services
  • Portfolio of you work
AFTER you answer these questions, THEN decide on a structure for your webpage
  • Put most important stuff on front page: contact email, address, phone number, what you offer
  • Why your product or service is the best
  • Photos of your services or products
  • Purpose
  • All your services
A good structure example is:
  • Home page
  • About us
  • Services or Products
  • Our Purpose
  • Contact

Keep your website pages simple...

Keep it simple, clean and plainly present your info - don't try for something cool:
  • No unnecessary words, use short lines and bullet points
  • Studies show people do not read webpages like printed material
    • "Web text should be short, scannable, and approachable. Typically, you should write half as many words for the web as you would for print. If targeting a broad consumer audience that includes people with no or little education, it's better to aim at 25 percent of the print word-count. And in web writing, it's always best to start with the conclusion, so that people who read only the first line or two on a page still get the main point."
  • Understand eye patterns - (think Z)
  • Don't reinvent a new navigation idea
  • Cross browser compatibility - Screen size and platform
    • Your website must work on different screen sizes, including all mobile devices
    • This requires a lot of work but is extremely important

Website hosting

  • $169 per year up
  • Lots of choices, don't buy more than you need, you can always change
  • Don't be tricked by cheap (including free) charges for websites and hosting, that will cost you more money in the long run
  • We offer very high quality website hosting, contact us for more info.
Java, JavaScript, Flash
  • Don't even try it unless you are willing to spend lots of time working on your webpage
Search Engine Effectiveness
  • Depends on how you build your page
  • There are many tricks to improve your placing
Logo Creation
  • If you create you own logo, when you ask for people's opinions, be absolutely sure you ask people who will tell you the truth
  • Neither creating a logo, nor finding someone that will tell you the truth about it, is easy to do