Consulting available for all your web needs.

Making use of all the available internet tools to improve your business reach is my passion. I can advise on website maintenance from all aspects. Not just what can be done but also what your resources will support (people you have, their skill levels, etc.) because it does not make any sense to start something you can't maintain.

I have experience, and can advise in:
web site construction,
design and maintenance,

social media marketing,
advertising campaigns,
email newsletter options,
and search engine effectiveness.

But my main emphasis will always be to fit your goals into your resources. Not financial resources, as most of these things can be done for free, or at very low cost, but I strive to fit your goals into your ability to utilize your people to accomplish your goals.

It does not matter what type of technologies are available to you, it matters which technology systems your business can effectively use.

Consultation fee: $95 per hour.
Contact me for a free, 30 minute consultation.