Webpage Design - Pricing

The Church Webpage Package includes complete and total site set-up
using the Joomla CMS or a custom design.
Setup for a full Joomla site: $4,400 (or $4,900 with email and extensions)
Price varies based on amount of content.
+ optional $99 Monthly (I will take care of all the hosting issues and provide 30 minutes monthly support).

$95 per hour for consultation
(if your current site needs updating contact me for a free quote today: Mike@PritchardWebpages.com)

Joomla Features

Domain Name Purchase and Web Hosting

You get all account info and passwords.

Unlimited Content Pages

Price includes the set-up of 10 pages. You can add as many page as you like.

Email Setup

Unlimited number of accounts, web-based and pop3.
Or see optional email set up.

Complete Set-up of Audio and Video Storage and Display

Audio and video can be stored with your website files or you can take advantage of free storage at archive.org.
(You will have the ability to add as many videos to your site as you would like, it is quite easy to do).

Upload All Your Content and Photos

Complete set-up of 10 pages, content formatted, pictures placed according to your instructions.
Or with a short training session you can set up your own pages, this system is designed for that very purpose.

Choice of Photo Gallery Options Included

Photo Gallerys recommended are Simple Image Gallery or Phoca, based on your needs. I recommend starting with Simple Image Gallery and then upgrading if you want more powerful features. Other photo galleries are possible.

Internal or External Blogspot

I recommend an internal blog but that depends on your goals. I can set up an external blog and embed that into your website.

Picture Slideshow

Built into the Photo Gallery.

Your Logo Integrated into Website

Package does not include logo creation but does include building your logo into your website images.
You will need to submit a high-quality image of your logo.

1 Hour Free Training

Included in price. After that you have 1 hour per month of free training or tech support (with the optionally monthly package). Additional time will be billed at $95 per hour.

30 Minutes Per Month Tech Support Free

(If you choose the optional $99 per month plan) Or 1 hour training if you prefer.

5 Gig Storage & Unlimited Bandwidth

That is a trick. Nothing is ever unlimited. The web-host used offers unlimited bandwidth but if your usage goes over a reasonable amount it will require increased fees. However, for your church to get even remotely close to the bandwidth usage your website will be so busy that you will need to hire an on-site web guy and restructure your internet presence plan. If your website processes are set-up correctly you should never need excessive bandwidth use. To media/tech guys: no, video-streaming should never be done from your hosted website. Unless you host yourself and/or purchase a very expensive bandwidth page.

WYSIWYG Editor for Easy, No-training, Inline Webpage Editing

But training is included. (For Joomla websites only)

Unlimited Number of Website Editors Possible

Allow as many people to edit your website as you would like. Control who can edit pages and who can view pages.

Email, PDF & Print Buttons

Allow your website pages to be easily emailed to others, converted to PDF or conveniently printed.
Or choose which content to allow those options.

Web Use Stats

Requires Control Panel log-in.

Can Use, Upload and Link to PDF and Word Doc Files

It is as easy as uploading a picture.

Search Site Function

Can be placed on any or every page of your Joomla website. Powerful, full-site search.

Online Donations (PayPal integration)

Does not include setting up a PayPal account. You provide the "button" code, I will insert it into your page. Or train you how to do it. No account info needs to be given.

Password Protected Pages

Allow access to private content by designating who can see which items.

RSS feed

Allow you visitors to subscribe to updates to your webpage.

FTP Access

Unlimited number of FTP accounts. Allow others to upload files quickly to your site.

Map and Driving Directions Using Google Maps

Can use Satellite map or Street map. Clearly show the location of your church.

Polls Tool

Take unlimited polls, results viewable by all.

Meta Tag Editor

You can set different meta data for each content page on your Joomla website.

Photo Resizing

Photos can be automatically re-sized when uploading or re-sized for display.

Can Allow Member Registration to Website and Article Submission

It is possible to allow visitors to self-register for access to special areas of your Joomla website. Optional email confirmation of registration. Allow others to submit written articles to your website pending your approval of the content before publishing.

Members Area (requires log-in)

Create a "Members Section" that is only visible after log-in.

Prayer Request Form

Simple form included, more advanced forms available.

Cross-browser Compatible

Fully tested.

Add-on Package $500

Full Gmail Integration (chat, gdocs, calendars, etc.)

This is only if your church qualifies for Gmail's free domain name based accounts.
If your church does not qualify this is not a good option due to the high cost of domain name based, per-user Gmail accounts.

Set Up Html Email Newsletter Account with Training

Provided by VerticalResponse. This allows you to assign this duty to anyone without giving access to website editing.
VerticalReponse cost is 1 3/4 cent per email and offers managed email lists, custom fields, and three ways to build your email newsletter.

Rotating Pictures or Logo Banners

Rotating pictures, in your banner or on any content page.
Placement depends on style of website you choose and where you would like the rotating pictures.
Easy to change pictures, so you can change them anytime you choose.
I will re-size all original pictures for slide-show or rotating pictures

Integrated Form Creation Tool

Using ChronoForms or Gmail (for Event, or class Registration etc.).
Gmail usage depends upon if your church qualifies for the free accounts.

Sermon Manager

Two versions available.
Podcasting included.


Full set up with iTunes registration, feedburner setup and xml creation.
Does not include updating podcast xml.
But is included if you choose the Sermon Speaker Joomla tool.


Includes basic set up of a forum.

Web Tracking Using Google Analytics

Excellent tracking and web-stats tool.

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