A Christian Website - What do you need?

Step Two -
First: what do you need?
Second: what don't you need?
Third: resources and goals?

Love Fellowship

Pritchard Webpages completely customized this Joomla template. Pastor Rodney and volunteers from Love Fellowship Christian Center do most of the updates on this website.

Pritchard Webpages set up a free video streaming service for Pastor Rodney who does a live web broadcast of his bi-weekly mid-week study.

A Vision For Life

Of all the websites I did for A Vision For Life, this was my favorite. No longer the current website, this design captured the fun and excitement of this excellent ministry.

This website also includes a fun and simple html virtual tour of the A Vision For Life campus.

If you are creating a Christian website for your ministry or church, in spite of all the things you have heard about what you need for a Christian church website, you Do Not Need more than your church man-power resources can support.

It makes no sense to pay someone (or let a volunteer) set up a ministry website that has more functions than you have man-power to manage.

You can quite easily buy into paying for a "really cool" Christian church website, or letting someone start a facebook for your church, or buying an email system for your church. Then find out those things don't fit your ministry methods.

I have seen that many times.

So what do YOU need
for a church website?

So what do YOU need for a church website?

My philosophy is to start small.

Start with what you are doing now and add in one thing at a time. When your staff has that part under control, then add the next thing you want.

Of course, church web design companies can make more money selling you an elaborate package, but I am just too frugal in nature to go for that. My suggestion is to instead start small, and add things one at a time. As your team demonstrates their ability to manage the parts they have, then add the next thing.

It is cheaper this way, and makes for a more smooth and stable growth into your online presence. However, in some instances it maybe cheaper (and far more efficient) to hire an outside contractor to manage your website and web presence. Contact me at mike@pritchardwebsites.com for a quote on maintaining your website.

So what do you NEED
for a church website?

You need a goal. There are many. If your number one goal is not to reach people with the Word of God, you need to rethink your goals.
  • You don't need: Facebook, Twitter, a blog or a Youtube channel. Unless you fully understand how to use them for your ministry. All those things are good, but they do require a bit of work.
  • You don't even need an easy to maintain website, unless you are going to keep it up-to-date.
  • You don't need an online church directory or a podcast or a "members only" section, unless you can manage it.
What you do need is a plan, and an understanding of what you want to do.

Or you can contact me for more info: Mike@PritchardWebpages.com
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