Using Your Website to Reach the World

Write 200-500 words about a life-issue topic with empathetic advice and lead the person to Jesus...

Use your website to reach beyond your city, beyond your state, into the world.

As a Christian you have the answers.
You have the message.
You know Jesus.

You have been through tough things in life. God has bailed you out of some of them. But your faith in Jesus has pulled you through some tough times also. Not that God did anything to intervene in that case, but it was your faith in Jesus alone, that made things more bearable.

You have something to offer,
You have the answers the world needs.

So if some non-Christian kid came to you for some advice, and said "I want to kill myself but I need to know a way to do it that doesn't hurt too much"
You have advice to offer.
You have a message that kid needs to hear.
You know that ultimately it will be Jesus that can help him.

What if I told you there really are 6 kids asking that question and there are no Christians to offer advice? Those kids are getting plenty of advice, but none from Christians.

What if I told you there were 60 kids asking that question with no one to point them to Jesus? You would say "someone needs to do something about that".

What if I told you every month 600 kids search for a way to kill themselves that will cause no pain? You would say that is tragic.

The real number?

With zero Christian responses, with no one pointing them to Jesus, every month, 60,000 people search for a way to kill themselves painlessly.

What can you do?

Glad you asked.
60,000 people per month search on google "how to kill yourself without pain". There are no christian websites on the first three pages of google's results.

You can help fix that. All it takes is writing 200-500 words about suicide and put it on your website.
(Note: These articles can be placed on your website, they will draw more viewers to your website. Or they may be placed on a private blog, or you can contact (contact link at bottom of their website) and they will place your article for you.)

It needs to address the person's real need, but that is easy.
It needs to be "easy to read" like I spoke of earlier, but that is easy.
It needs to lead the person to Jesus, but that is easy.
200-500 words.

It is easy to write, What would you say to a kid thinking of suicide? Write that. Your article needs to be titled correctly to reach a specific search term, it needs to be worded correctly in the first paragraph to include that search term, and you need correct headings and heading sizes to make it onto google's listing. This is the only semi-tricky part.

So, how can you help right now?

All it takes to reach these people is "good content", 200-500 words a life-issue topic. Of course we want empathetic, sound advice that leads the person to Jesus. Writing this article is simple; it is what you would tell a non-Christian that asked you about one of the topics at the top of this page, or any other topic you can think of. There are probably thousands of topics to choose from.

Get Started Today

The simplest way to reach thousands, if not millions of people is to contact the people at All About God. They will ask you a few questions, then send you a list of titles and you can write 600 words on that topic. Be sure you agree with their statement of faith.

The wonderful part about writing your articles for All About God is that they handle placing your article on their websites and getting the linking needed to get your article to show up on google.

They are quite effective. In fact, for most life-issues you search on, that one or two Christian responses you might find will probably be from them. But they need many, many more writers.

Author: Mike Pritchard

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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