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For over 9 years we have had a large selection
of pre-owned Christian CDs up to 75% off retail!
We pay CASH for your discs or trade your discs for ours.
We have new CDs, cassettes and books at 20% off retail!
We accept VISA and MasterCard



We offer CD REPAIR
If you have discs that are scratched and scuffed,
we can restore them to like-new condition!
E-mail us for more information!
We also accept scratched and damaged discs for cash or credit.

We have the NEW APOLOGETIX release!


including their brand new release, Keep the Change
ApologetiX specializes in QUALITY
Christian parodies of secular music.
For more information, see our "New Items" page



CD Sale
All discs marked with an asterisk (*) only $5.00 each!
(We can not trade accept trades for "sale priced" discs)

Specially Priced New Items
We just recently purchased a large quantity of brand new cds.
We have priced them to move quickly and quantities are limited.
Check out our "New Items" page.

We have the largest inventory of pre-owned CDs.
(a fancy way of saying "used")
We currently have over 2100 discs in stock.
(Actually, since our inventory changes daily,
this is a shot in the dark...but it's close!)

We ship orders world wide
and via First Class / Priority mail and U.P.S.
Other places ship orders via Fourth Class mail.
We believe you shouldn't have to wait
a week to ten days to get the tunes you order from us.
After all, you are not a Fourth Class customer to us!

Our catalog is now available right here!
Simply follow the links at the top left our each page.
Please remember that our inventory changes daily
so you may see something listed here
that may no longer be available.
We also offer our catalog via regular mail or e-mail.
If you prefer to receive our catalog via regular mail,
please provide us with your complete address.
For the e-mail version, click here and request it

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