Calvary Chapel Reaching Europe
is the oversight ministry of:
Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe
Calvary Chapel Missions Training Program
A Vision For Life
European Conference Center
Summer of Service

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Why are we called Calvary Chapel Reaching Europe?

A few years ago, as we looked at how our ministry had grown we realized...

we were much more than a Bible college. Our Missions Training Program had come unto it's own, filling a much needed function in Calvary Chapel of preparing those who feeled called to the mission field, on the mission field.

Our A Vision For Life program had proven to be a blessing to each of the many young people who had attended, truly giving them a new vision for their lives.

We were working towards our goal of a Christian radio station in Hungary, and a Calvary book distribution center as well. Our conference center proved to stay busy fulfilling the needs of Eastern Europe Calvary Chapel's needing a place for retreats and conferences as well as providing a meeting place for other Christian church groups in Hungary.

Our Summer of Service program was still functioning well, and our desire to provide outreach assistance to churches in the US was taking form.

We realized our purpose of "Reaching Europe" was now a fact. We were truly reaching Europe. As we sought a name for our ministry to reflect that goal, we found the best name we could come up with, was the one that described what we do here, exactly. Therefore, we designed a new logo to match our identity and became...

Calvary Chapel Reaching Europe


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Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession. Psalms 2:8